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TIRTA SPA won "Best Day Spa Asia Pacific 2011"

The 2011 awards season for the spa industry is just beginning and on 12th October 2011, Tirta Spa proudly won another, coveted award, this time as "Best Day Spa Asia Pacific 2011" at The Crystal Awards in Singapore. Winning this award is indeed a great honour; not only for Tirta Spa, but for the health and wellness industry in the Philippines.

Achieving these heights has by no means been a walk in the park or a walk on the beach for En Calvert who, since opening Tirta Spa in April 2007, has managed every aspect of her spa business single-handedly - a spa owner and director who prides herself in her hands-on style, not least her daily training sessions, when she demands 110% from her staff. Her intensive training programmes include not only product knowledge and the execution of treatments, but theory too and the broader aspects of personality development, so that even the most timid trainee will be equipped with the tools to work with real passion for their art and even to achieve management potential.

Filipinos, of which En, proudly, is one, often suffer from an unproductive work ethic. Not only is there a tendency to be jealous of a colleague or to be selfish in some way, but employees in the Philippines too often suffer from a lack of enthusiasm or hunger to learn. At Tirta Spa, En tries in her lectures and seminars, to help new recruits overcome these cultural barriers to development and, lest they forget, holds regular refresher courses too for longer-serving employees! "This training," En shares, "Is a vital ingredient in becoming recognized by a discerning clientele as a premier holistic retreat and that sets one apart from one’s competitors."

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To Ms. Calvert, each client is as important as the next. Her extensive experience of visiting spas as a client has taught her much about service standards and interpersonal relationships and she emphasizes these aspects to her staff from the very beginning of their training programme. En tells us, too, that she understands the vital importance of "face time" with clients. At every opportunity, she takes time to meet clients and to help them to understand which type of therapy would be most beneficial. Clients frequently comment that time spent talking with En helps them to rid themselves of the negativity with which they arrive and encourages them to feel the passion and soul of Tirta Spa as they wander through the estate.

Winning a prestigious award such as "Best Day Spa in Asia" is not simply achieved by offering the best treatments, or by creating good marketing concepts and strategies. These days, spa clients are well versed in the wide variety of spa treatments available to them and are able, quickly, to determine whether the products used are of the highest quality and the service really heartfelt, or whether one's marketing strategy is simply just that.

“We at Tirta Spa love nothing more than to welcome experienced spa-goers as clients - those who truly recognise real quality and a five-star spa experience. After all, it is only the most discerning clientele who, once treatment has been experienced, will know and tell you whether or not your marketing was sincere,” comments En.

best day spa 2010

Equally, Ms. Calvert can instantly tell whether a complaining client, of whom there are few, is complaining simply in the hope of receiving some sort of compensation or whether the client is truly a spa connoisseur! Her principles, to which she adheres rigidly, do not permit her to offer compensation to an apparently dissatisfied client, but, instead, to accept constructive criticism, if indeed it is constructive and to address any points raised with staff at the next training session. "I have never offered either money or complimentary treatment by way of compensation," says Calvert, the spa owner. "I have trained all my therapists with such intensity that I hope they would anticipate a situation that might be cause for complaint."

For the past four years, since the opening of Tirta Spa, we have been fortunate enough to have entertained barely any clients whose sole aim seems to be to complain about their spa experience," says En Calvert. “Typically, our clients leave, after their treatments, wearing a big, satisfied smile. Most also comment to us that their Tirta Spa experience has been totally different from that at other spas and that Tirta’s spiritual touches create a different dimension, albeit a feeling that is hard to express in words. My aim is to ensure that a client’s escape from the beach is worth their while and is an experience that they will never forget! The fact that we entertain an increasing number of clients who keep returning for more treatments during a longer stay on the island tells us that we are achieving our goals.”

“Tirta Spa's most successful, effective marketing is ‘word of mouth.’” Continues En, "We are particularly dependent upon existing clients of Tirta Spa, having already experienced treatment at Tirta Spa. I believe that ‘word of mouth’ is the most effective marketing strategy of all," says the spa owner.

When welcoming a new client to Tirta Spa, the most important thing that En keeps in her mind, is to create the very best "feel-good factor" for the client.

To win praise from clients and awards such as this, the whole concept must work – the passion of the spa director and therapists, the quality of the products and the ambience of the development must all come together to create the ultimate holistic, spiritual experience.

At Tirta Spa, the recipe has been perfected.

best day spa 2010