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TIRTA SPA BORACAY HAS ONCE AGAIN WON, FOR THE FOURTH TIME, as one of THE WORLD'S “BEST LUXURY DAY SPAS” and “BEST LUXURY DAY SPA IN THE PHILIPPINES” at the 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards, held at held at Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland.

Ms En Calvert and the staff of Tirta Spa, Boracay Island, Philippines are delighted to announce that, thanks to the tremendous support of our loyal clients, we have, once again, proudly won, for the fourth (4th) time, as one of THE WORLD'S “BEST LUXURY DAY SPAS” and “BEST LUXURY DAY SPA IN THE PHILIPPINES 2016”


Tirta Spa is delighted to have been recognised for the (4th) fourth time, as one of the World’s “Best Luxury Day Spas” and, additionally, as “Best Day Spa in The Philippines” at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2016 and to have the opportunity to share centre-stage with the larger, international spa groups. “This gives us the encouragement, to continue building on the solid foundations of which we are so proud.

Additionally, the substantial increase in the number of nominations for this year's awards makes this success even more flattering," says En Calvert – Owner and Spa Director.

The World Luxury Spa Awards are accepted as the pinnacle of achievement for Luxury Spas worldwide and were established as a celebration of ultimate achievement in service excellence. They seek to congratulate and award spas that have excelled beyond the normal call of duty, by achieving recognition for exceptional service, setting the benchmark for luxury spas on the global front. The determination of Tirta Spa's owner, Ms En Calvert and her therapists to continually learn more about what they do and develop the love with which they practice their art certainly does not go unnoticed by their ever-lengthening list of clients. Indeed, the number of clients visiting for the first time, solely on the recommendation of existing clients, demonstrates that even the hearts of the most discerning visitors have been won!

And Tirta Spa does cater to a most discerning clientele - clients who appreciate and indeed expect the very best treatments and services, using only the finest spa products and clients for whom the cost is less important than the benefit that is derived. These clients, too, quite rightly expect the spa menu to include the most recently conceived therapies from around the globe. Ms. Calvert is all too well aware that the prices on her spa menu deter a large number of potential clients. However, she explains that she is not prepared to compromise her professional standards, which are the very highest and run the risk of losing the loyalty of her existing client base.

Tirta Spa continues with the same principles that were adopted prior to opening, offering each client impeccable and devoted service, performed with passion from deep inside the heart of her therapists. The exemplary customer service for which TIrta Spa has become renowned, is the result not only of relentless hands-on training by the perfectionist owner, Ms. En Calvert, but is also aided by the highly spiritual ambience that pervades the entire estate. Although she has carved out a 'niche' at the very top end of the spa industry, she is careful never to adopt a patronising attitude with potential clients who ask, sometimes over and over again, why Tirta Spa is as expensive as it is. Sometimes, she admits, this is tough with people who don't understand the cost of maintenance, time taken for training, the use of the highest quality products and, of course, the cost of construction of such complex architecture.

For those of you who have yet to experience this internationally-recognised, award winning, holistic retreat, we urge you to make a visit. If Ms. Calvert is on the island, as she mostly is, she will be delighted to welcome you and take time to tell you about the creation of Tirta Spa - the dream that has become a reality. "We can assure you that a treatment at Tirta Spa will be your lasting memory of a vacation in paradise," she proudly says.

As always when winning an award, En is eager and honoured to dedicate this award to Boracay Island and to her beloved Philippines. Not only is it "More Fun In The Philippines," but the country plays host to one of the Best Luxury Day Spas in the World, firmly cementing the country's rightful place on the health and wellness map.

"Lastly," says En, "I should like to offer my most sincere thanks to all of our clients for your tremendous support in making Tirta Spa the success that it has become and for your efforts in spreading the Tirta Spa word to family, friends and colleagues who, in turn, come to visit us too. Very many thanks too to resorts and hotels on Boracay, to media representatives, to our other marketing partners and friends for your unwavering support and loyalty. Without this, the success that we now enjoy would have been so much harder to achieve."

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