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Tirta Spa Wins Major Awards

On the 8th of April 2009, the owner, management and staff of Tirta Spa, Boracay Island, proudly celebrated the 2nd anniversary of their opening.

The last year, as we all know, has been one of tremendous uncertainty and there is a lingering concern amongst those in the tourist trade that holidays to exotic islands and appointments to luxuriate at top-end spas would be amongst the first casualties of this recession, as tourists the world over tighten their belts.

Tirta Spa, however, is weathering the economic storm - a credit indeed to all of the staff and management. Tirta Spa continues to welcome not only their regular, discerning clientele, but also a large number of new customers, many of whom have been referred by existing clients. In fact, word-of-mouth recommendation continues to be their most lucrative form of marketing!

During the past six months, Tirta Spa has won its first two, coveted, spa industry awards – a not inconsiderable achievement for such a young business, particularly when considering the number of new businesses that are opening in competition, in Asia, each month!

The first award was for “Most Outstanding Health and Beauty Spa in the Philippines,” awarded by the Consumers Union of the Philippines at the Manila Hotel in October 2008.

Most recently, on 21st March 2009, at the Asia Spa & Wellness Festival 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand, Tirta Spa won the prestigious award for “Best Day Spa.” The festival is an annual 2-day convention, culminating in a gala awards dinner, organized by Asia Spa & Wellness Festival, Malaysia, one of the largest spa and wellness organizations in Asia and held in a different Asian centre each year.

The accolades continue to flow for Tirta Spa and the delighted, rightfully proud Owner and Spa Director, Ms. En Calvert, tells us that Tirta Spa has also recently been shortlisted for “Spectacular Spas – Asia Pacific 2009/2010,” by the renowned Asia Spa Institute in Singapore.

Tirta Spa regularly receives visits from spa experts and consultants from around the world, who continue to be amazed by both the architecture and the tranquil, temple-like environment that has been created. They too, without exception, comment most favourably on the conduct and knowledge of the therapists  – a

fact that particularly pleases Ms. Calvert. “I pride myself on my rigorous, hands-on training regime for even the most experienced staff, continually instilling in them all that I learned during more than 4 years of intense study for my international diplomas. The therapists not only understand all about the treatments that they perform, but also have a working knowledge too of the benefits of the oils and blends that they use in their work,” comments Ms. Calvert. “Running a business such as Tirta Spa, demanding the highest possible standards, was never going to be an easy job, but with driving ambition and a loyal, enthusiastic team, the success that we now enjoy, as demonstrated by these awards, makes the struggle worthwhile.”

Ms. Calvert stresses, too, that these awards are a credit to her beloved country – a country which, five years ago, had no spa industry to speak of but that now has spas and Tirta Spa in particular, that are being recognized and ranked amongst the best in the world. The message, clearly, is that the Philippines has finally earned her rightful place on the global wellness map.

Recognition Vested Upon Tirta Spa
The ANCA Statuette

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