Be A Sound Healing Practitioner (foundation level 1 & 2)

As a CERTIFIED SOUND THERAPIST, you may setup your own practice in your home or open your own workshop place office or work full time or part time!

Within an established institution such as Integrative Therapy Centers or Complementary Medicine in Hospitals, Alternative Healing Centers, Chiropractic or Acupuncture Offices, Private Healing Centers, Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Physical Therapy Offices, Health Spas, Yoga Centers, Retreat Centers, Schools, Nurseries, Colleges, Birthing centres, Retiring communities, Corporate Offices, Law offices, Governments offices

As an integrative therapy, sound healing is a natural complement to many alternative medicine practices, such as massage, reflexology and other bodywork treatments.

The Tibetan Sound Healing Certificate Course is designed to learn how to help others as an occupation and career.


As a Sound Healing Therapist …. HEAL AND HELP OTHERS! Stop focusing on your own problems. As you help and heal others “You will be healed”

You can heal yourself and others whilst performing the sound healing. 10000% it will have a positive subtle affect your life. Healing others, you are being given empowerment to heal yourself!


BECOME A CERTIFIED SOUND HEALER Please do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiry.

Thank you for your interest.
Look forward to welcoming you and teaching you the proper way on how to become a Sound Healing Therapist.

With many thanks and kind regards,

Be a Certified Sound Healing Therapist Practitioner

Foundation level 1 with 4 Tibetan Singing Bowls
For self – healing and for family treatment therapy
7 to 15 Tibetan Singing Bowls
For clients (one, group or up to hundred clients)
Different kinds of healing instrument
Develop a more advanced, in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and skills, covering all important points, to lay a solid foundation in Sound Healing, so you can be a successful professional Sound Healer!

4-day Certification course program – Treatments for clients / including the Basic Foundation, Theory Level 1 & 2
I – Seven (7) chakra bowls up to 15 bowls – for octave 2, 3 and 4

J. Couple’s Sound healing

K. Group sound bath, (where you can accommodate up to 100 people, depending on your space availability);

L. Sound vibration massage and chakra healing, where the bowls are strategically placed on different parts of the body to create vibration, to deeply penetrate into the cellular level

M. You will gain confidence and learn how to create a 30mins/45mins/60 minutes surround sound bath for single and group healing treatment

N. Create and conduct a session up to 2 hours meditation workshop (chanting mantra and chakra dance meditation)

O. Practice, Practice, Practice to Perfection




(4 days / 10:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Tuition fee Php 40,000 (theory and practical, excluding the bowls)

Be A Sound Healing Practitioner (foundation level 1 & 2)

Discounts can be arranged with minimum 2 students in a class.
– Requirements for the course: you can buy from me at the school, the 7 genuine chakra singing bowls . Tibetan Singing Bowls / 7 chakra bowls up to 15 for surround sound
All my 7 metals Tibetan Bowls are made from reputable factory in India, not from online that’s made in China!
My Tibetan bowls are all hand hammer made by skilled trade artisans, not machine made from China.
Kindly note:
Full Payment is required on the tuition fee. Course will start any time after you paid or roughly in 2 months if there’s especial case (because we have to wait for the bowls from India). All deposits and tuition fees can be transferable but not refundable, even forced majeure. Only with forced majeure – we can only re-schedule the training if unforeseen circumstances may arise.

We reserves the right to cancel or postpone or re-schedule the training due to unforeseen circumstances or forced majeure.

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