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"Journey to Inner Peace: Rediscover Harmony and Balance with Our Tibetan Sound Healing Therapy"

What is Tibetan Sound Healing?

Himalayan or Tibetan Singing Bowls are tools or instruments used by monks in Healing and ceremonial practices in the monasteries and temples since the ancient time. Sound therapy is essentially the process of healing the mind and body through music, tones, frequencies and vibrations. Sound Healer practitioners perform therapeutic applications of sound vibrations with the intention of bringing harmony and balance.

Our positive intention of delivering healing energy to the patient believed that the sound waves diffuse and penetrate with the practitioner’s positive intentions.

Ancient and scientific studies show that the vibrational frequency sound of the sacred healing bowls can assist in the recovery process of all kinds of past traumas, old wounds, childhood traumas, any physical and mental traumas, any types of relationship traumas and other mental exhaustion, as it has a profoundly relaxing and hypnotic effect on the brain and body releasing physical and mental stress.


Ancient and scientific studies reflect the significance of vibrational frequency sounds of Tibetan healing bowls in positively assisting the recovery and healing process of trauma and other mental exhaustion. This process has been used by monks and can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago. Buddhist monasteries and temples are still using this sacred method for healing and meditation.


The enriching journey of En’s love and passion for Sound Healing begun 2 decades ago, when she was always visiting many ancient temples and monasteries during her many travels.

Inspired by the incredible benefits through her readings and research on Sound Healing, she started to explore these healing treatments by experimenting with the various ancient Tibetan sound bowls’ unique vibration waves.

So Sound Healing, using Tibetan singing bowls as part of the spa ritual in every treatment, and also using Gong at the entrance gate, (not only to welcome the guests but also to release impurities and to ward off evil spirits – to cleanse and to release the negative energy of the clients before entering the spa and clearing the surrounding air space) these are all already part of Tirta Spa for the last 14 years now.

Convinced by the benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls, her inquisitive mind continued researching further about the origins and history of this special Sound Healing Therapy.


This determination led to En travel all the way to the beautiful Himalayas once again to begin her professional course in Sound Healing Therapy at one of the sacred ashram schools in Rishikesh, India. With the knowledge shared by reputable Indian and Russian (Physicists) Sound Masters and the breathtaking peaceful experience at the foothills of the Himalayas, she was able to focus and understand fully, the unique vibration waves and their effect on improving people’s well-being.

En’s journey has not stopped despite achieving the Sound Healing Master Teacher Training level (which she took again in Goa, with the same master) as she strongly aspires to train individuals like yourself in achieving the Certificate for Sound Healing Therapist. En is willing to share with those who are interested how this benefits you and others.

The increasing interest in Sound Healers comes from the rising consumer interest and awareness of complementary medicine and wellness programs.


Tibetan Sound Healing is growing rapidly in Asia, the UK, the USA, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, and all over Europe. There is an increasing demand for Sound Healers in the world and a lack of proper Certified Sound Healing Therapists. So this is a good opportunity healing career for YOU, first to heal yourself, then your loved ones, your family and friends, and then future potential clients.

So come, enroll, and be a certified sound healer with En Calvert to gain more profound knowledge of why energy healing with sound vibration is important. Gain a deeper understanding of how our mental health challenges are as equally salient as our physical health and nutrition.


She looks forward to welcoming you on an enriching journey as a Tibetan Sound Healing Therapist.

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi


My personal commitment is to consistently provide you with world-class amenities, facilities, and services, ensuring that your body, mind, and soul find the peace, relaxation, and renewal they desire. 

My next journey once again, is to spread the Holistic word about SOUND HEALING AND VIBRATION THERAPY and integrate all my knowledge, expertise, and passion to help potential clients and future students to be more holistic and spiritual.

Soon, surely, Sound, Vibrations, and Frequencies will become one of the complementary alternative medicines of the future! And the future is NOW!

Bring Balance, Harmony, Peace, Serenity, and Spirituality, to all people under your care. Be a SOUND HEALING THERAPIST now!

If you would like to discover and experience SOUND HEALING & VIBRATION THERAPY and gain a deeper understanding of how mental health is as equally salient as our physical health and nutrition. Kindly contact;

Ms. En Calvert

Sound Healing & Vibration Therapy, Master Teacher Trainer. Tirta Spa Founding Owner and Spa Director

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Sound Healing

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