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"Journey to Inner Peace: Rediscover Harmony and Balance with Our Tibetan Sound Healing Therapy"

What is Tibetan Sound Healing?

Himalayan or Tibetan Singing Bowls are tools or instruments used by monks in Healing and ceremonial practices in the monasteries and temples since the ancient time. Sound therapy is essentially the process of healing the mind and body through music, tones, frequencies and vibrations. Sound Healer practitioners perform therapeutic applications of sound vibrations with the intention of bringing harmony and balance.

Our positive intention of delivering healing energy to the patient believed that the sound waves diffuse and penetrate with the practitioner’s positive intentions.

Ancient and scientific studies show that the vibrational frequency sound of the sacred healing bowls can assist in the recovery process of all kinds of past traumas, old wounds, childhood traumas, any physical and mental traumas, any types of relationship traumas and other mental exhaustion, as it has a profoundly relaxing and hypnotic effect on the brain and body releasing physical and mental stress.


Ancient and scientific studies reflect the significance of vibrational frequency sounds of Tibetan healing bowls in positively assisting the recovery and healing process of trauma and other mental exhaustion. This process has been used by monks and can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago. Buddhist monasteries and temples are still using this sacred method for healing and meditation.


En Calvert’s enriching journey into the realm of energy and passion for sound healing commenced over two decades ago during her time in Hong Kong. Her initial encounter with energy healing took place in South Africa, where she immersed herself in the study of Reiki, encountering its secretive symbols and profound practices. 

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, En delved into the ancient wisdom preserved within temples and monasteries across her travels. Fascinated by the transformative potential of sound healing, she embarked on a journey exploring the unique vibrational waves emitted by Tibetan singing bowls.

Living in the fast-paced environment of Hong Kong was incredibly draining. The constant relocation due to her ex-husband’s expatriate assignments added further stress to relationships with loved ones, leaving her feeling devastated and overwhelmed. Recognizing the urgent need to find mental solace, En turned to the study of energy healing as a means to alleviate stress and restore balance.

Continuing her quest for understanding, En pursued advanced Pranic Healing classes, delving into the intricacies of energy healing, chakras, crystal healing, and Pranic Psychotherapy. She further augmented her expertise with a certification in Hypnotherapy, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.

In 2007, En realized her vision with the establishment of her spa on Boracay, where sound healing became an integral part of the therapeutic experience. Tibetan singing bowls and gongs were incorporated into spa rituals, not only welcoming guests but also purifying and revitalizing their energy before each treatment. This commitment to holistic healing has been a hallmark of Tirta Spa for the past 17 years.

En’s dedication to Tibetan singing bowls led her to delve deeper into their origins and historical significance, convinced of their profound benefits in facilitating healing and transformation.



This determination led to En travel all the way to the beautiful Himalayas once again to begin her professional course in Sound Healing Therapy at one of the sacred ashram schools in Rishikesh, India. With the knowledge shared by reputable Indian and Russian (Physicists) Sound Masters and the breathtaking peaceful experience at the foothills of the Himalayas, she was able to focus and understand fully, the unique vibration waves and their effect on improving people’s well-being.

En’s journey has not stopped despite achieving the Sound Healing Master Teacher Training level (which she took again in Goa, with the same masters) as she strongly aspires to train individuals like yourself in achieving the Certificate for Sound Healing Therapist. En is willing to share with those who are interested how this benefits you and others.

The increasing interest in Sound Healers comes from the rising consumer interest and awareness of complementary medicine and wellness programs.

 The popularity of Tibetan Sound Healing is growing rapidly, surging across Asia, the UK, the USA, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, and Europe. With a rising demand for sound healers globally, there’s a shortage of properly certified practitioners. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to embark on a healing career, beginning with your own self-healing journey, extending to your loved ones, family, friends, and potential future clients.


While numerous sound healing courses are available online, mastering the practical techniques, theories, and rituals behind the scene remains crucial to understanding the fundamentals of sound healing. With En Calvert’s profound expertise in energy healing modalities, participants gain invaluable insights into the most effective healing techniques and practices.

In short, hands-on practical learning offers at Tirta Spa with En Calvert is more effective approach than online courses for mastering sound healing techniques.

Everything En has gleaned from over two decades of experience in energy healing is integrated into her Sound Healing Certification Course and Program. By imparting deep healing techniques to her prospective students, she ensures they become effective and committed sound healers. En believes that every aspect of her energy healing knowledge is essential to the practice of sound healing, and she takes joy in sharing this comprehensive understanding with her students.

Join En Calvert to become a certified sound healer and delve into the profound significance of energy healing through sound vibration. Explore the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being, recognizing the importance of addressing mental health challenges alongside physical health and nutrition. In today’s world, mental health truly matters. En is excited to guide you on a transformative journey as a Tibetan Sound Healing Therapist.


She looks forward to welcoming you on an enriching journey as a Tibetan Sound Healing Therapist.

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi’
‘Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies – Albert Einstein’


My personal commitment is to consistently provide you with world-class amenities, facilities, and services, ensuring that your body, mind, and soul find the peace, relaxation, and renewal they desire. 

My next journey once again, is to spread the Holistic word about SOUND HEALING AND VIBRATION THERAPY and integrate all my knowledge, expertise, and passion to help potential clients and future students to be more holistic and spiritual.

Soon, surely, Sound, Vibrations, and Frequencies will become one of the complementary alternative medicines of the future! And the future is NOW!

Bring Balance, Harmony, Peace, Serenity, and Spirituality, to all people under your care. Be a SOUND HEALING THERAPIST now!

If you would like to discover and experience SOUND HEALING & VIBRATION THERAPY and gain a deeper understanding of how mental health is as equally salient as our physical health and nutrition. Kindly contact;

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