Sound Healing



A group SOUND BATH in SOUND HEALING is a simple form of SOUND MEDITATION that balances your brainwaves which influence the emotional, psychological, spiritual, even financial and physical health to experience inner healing through inner peace.
Sound Healing synchronizes our brainwaves to achieve a profound deep relaxation and helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our body.
You will lay on your back for about an hour to listen to the harmonious sacred sound and vibration of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and

The healing room can accommodate and will fits up to 8 people for regular Sound Bath sound healing sessions, welcoming different guests each time, including Tuning Forks.

However for Tuning Forks sessions, it can accommodate solo or up to a maximum of 4 people. This way, Tuning Forks sessions can be more focused and personalized.

Energy Exchange rate for Tuning Forks for solo session or up to 4 people
Php 3,500 nett per person per session
(Sharing in a villa)

For Tuning Forks private sessions
Php 4,800 nett per person per session (solo session or up to maximum 4)

Sound Bath Without Tuning Forks
Php 2,500 nett per person per session
(minimum 2 pax – sharing)

For Sound Bath private sessions
Php 3,500 nett per person per session


Kindly note:

Rates are in Pesos, nett per person, except for couples.

Rates are inclusive of VAT, but NOT SERVICE CHARGE.

You may kindly give the Service Charge directly to your therapist, as your tip. They will highly appreciate your gratitude.

 Please read our General Information and Spa Etiquette

For more information about Sound Healing, please check our facebook page – Boracay Sound Healing Vibration

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