This energizing body scrub treatment uses salts or herbs to assist in exfoliation. Dead and dry skin is sloughed off, reviving and softening the new skin and improving circulation, leaving a fresh, healthy glow. This process is usually a preparatory treatment for wraps and massages.


1. Kape Puro (Coffee)

Re-awaken your senses. The aroma of this home grown coffee combined with its well-known uplifting effect gives your body an energizing and stimulating boost. This scrub exfoliates dead skin cells whilst breaking down fatty deposits and at the same time re-charging a tired body and mind.

2. Salt and Pepper

This is a truly natural way to youthful glowing skin! Salt exfoliates dead skin cells and prevents the spread of bacteria, while essential oils of pepper help revive and energize the body by stimulating circulation. Aside from washing away skin impurities, this treatment will also leave you with a tangy, peppery scent, powerful enough to revitalize your senses.

1 Hour

Kindly note:

Rates are in Pesos, nett per person,

inclusive of VAT, but NOT SERVICE CHARGE

You may kindly give the Service Charge directly to your therapist instead, to serve as your tip. They will highly appreciate your gratitude.

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