*foot scrub ritual
* underwater green forest body mask – (seaweed, kelp and algae)
* tropical rain shower
* sea salt flower hot bath and
*a full body massage

The treatment begins with a seaweed body mask, with ingredients sourced from the garden beneath the sea and applied all over your body by a therapist. The finest quality seaweed, harvested in unpolluted waters at the most nutritious point of the plant’s growth cycle, means that the client enjoys both the benefits of the highest quality ingredients and derives the best value.

The chlorophyll and high iodine content of the seaweed family stimulate both metabolism and circulation, reducing cellulite and fluid retention and resulting in better skin cell regeneration and improved balance within.

Following the body mask, you continue to detox in the hot bath with sea salt to deeply penetrate the complete ingredients in your body, after which you will be rinsed under a Vichy tropical rain shower.

After that, you then return to your massage bed to experience our signature massage – it is a medium pressure therapy and an excellent choice for deeper relaxation and meditation.

2 hours & 45 minutes

Kindly note:

Rates are in Pesos, nett per person,

inclusive of VAT, but NOT SERVICE CHARGE

You may kindly give the Service Charge directly to your therapist instead, to serve as your tip. They will highly appreciate your gratitude.

Please read our General Information and Spa Etiquette

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